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Knockdow House is a luxury residential estate situated in the scenic region of Argyll, western Scotland. This eye-catching property is completely isolated from the rest of the world, and is surrounded by stunning grounds including several acres of beautifully kept lawns.

The Grounds of Knowdow House

As you approach the property you’re treated to a long, meandering drive surrounded by stunning grounds and exquisite gardens. In addition to pristine lawns and meticulously trimmed trees, there is also an enclosed paved terrace on the south side of the house, as well as a gate leading to the south lawn, which is ideal for games of cricket, croquet, football or any number of sports and games.

Entering the Property

The house itself is incredibly attractive and eye-catching with a white stone finish under a slate roof. It also has an impressive arched entryway, as well as a tower to the west of the property.

Over the years, Knockdow House has been extensively refurbished. It was initially altered and extended in 1920 by the laird at the time, Sir Norman Lamont, who was once the permanent secretary to Sir Winston Churchill.

Recent Renovations

Since then, the property has been further restored and refurbished, including in 2010 when its then ownerscarried out extensive work on the property, transforming it into one of West Scotland’s most outstanding properties.

Some of the many renovations to have taken place include a state-of-the-art biomass heating system which includes 117 radiators. This system provides an environmentally friendly source of renewable energy that not only supplies energy but also helps to dispose of wood and other materials.

A new water filtration system was also fitted, along with comprehensive renewal of the electrical, plumbing and heating systems, ensuring completely efficient systems throughout the entire property.

Finally, the servants’ quarters were updated and modernised and now feature cornicing around the top of the interior walls, which was designed to replicate the main house.

Despite these extensive renovations that brought the house’s utilities into the 21st century, the owners remained committed to maintaining the property’s unique heritage, including most of its original features.

The renovations were also intended to preserve many of the building’s unique features, ensuring that quality of life is improved for residents and visitors, and that the property is recognised for its inherent value.

Restoring the property also resulted in economic sustainability, as it now uses less energy, creates less waste and opposes decay. This also encourages the enhancement of existing neighbourhoods and infrastructure.

The Beauty of KnockdowHouse

Knockdow House is without question a magnificent property with an illustrious history. The surrounding views are glorious while the entire place oozes charm, sophistication and magic.

This is a property that needs to be recognised for its unbelievable levels of beauty, wonder and magnificence.