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Knockdow House is a gorgeous mansion nestled amongst Argyll’s Secret Coast, a hidden treasure on the west coast of Scotland.

As the former property of Clan Lamont, one of Scotland’s oldest clans, Knockdow House dates back to the 18th century. While it is rich in traditional furnishings, it also has many Caribbean influences after the final Laird of Knockdow, Sir Norman Lamont, travelled extensively and brought over many exotic woods from his travels.

Scotland in Spring

Knockdow House is surrounded by immense beauty that is exquisite at any time of year. That being said, many people prefer to visit Scotland during the spring, as it renowned for its abundance of colourful plants, flowers and trees that are in full bloom at this time of year. Smiling daffodils and spring crocuses pop up all around, making for a unique and sun-kissed landscape.

Signs of new life appear almost everywhere as hills, mountains, national parks and other natural surroundings become awash with mesmerising carpets of colours. Not only that, but the temperatures are warmer, the days are longer, and the sun comes out for longer.

Active Nature during spring

Animal lovers will hopefully capture a glimpse of some new spring lambs, and if you’re lucky enough, you may even see a dolphin playing amongst the coastal waters. This is also a great time to try out some water sports, though the waters will no doubt still be pretty chilly!

Meanwhile, this is a beautiful time of year for a spot of bird watching activities, and even if the temperatures are still cold, the beaches are truly magical at this time of year with their crystal clear waters and silver white sands.

The Scottish Isles are a wonderful place to visit during the spring. This is the perfect opportunity to explore some historic sites, such as The Callanish Standing Stones, on Lewis. These stones are arranged in a cruciform pattern with a central stone circle, and were erected in the late Neolithic era.

Fresh Produce

During spring, there is a vast array of fresh seasonal produce, which is available from the countless farmers’ markets. Many restaurants create a range of innovative dishes, many of which are filled with delicious, local ingredients.

Finally, alcohol lovers will be pleased to know that May is World Whisky Month, and there are countless whisky distilleries to visit throughout Scotland.

Yes, Scotland is beautiful at any time of year, but in spring in particular, you’ll be well and truly spoilt with the rich array of colours and outstanding views!