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Hidden away amongst the beautiful countryside, hills and mountains is Knockdow house, in Argyll, western Scotland. Knockdow House formerly belonged to one of Scotland’s oldest clans, the Lamont Clan, and is a glorious property with a rich and intricate history.

While Knockdow House no longer belongs to a Laird of Knockdow (and is no longer open to the public), the region of Argyll is certainly worth a visit. There are so many parts of Argyll that are famous for their natural beauty, including the Isle of Skye, which is home to the mysterious phenomenon of fairy pools.

Situated near Glen Brittle at the foot of the Black Cuillins, these exquisite fairy pools are free to visit at any time of year, and are well worth a visit for their crystal clear waters, and vivid blues and greens.

During the drive there you’ll be treated to endless views of the rolling hills and valleys. On a cold day, parts of the mountains may even be hidden under a bed of cloud and fog, adding to the overall mystery and enchantment of your trip.

There is a single route via a gravel path to get to the pool and back, brimming with heather, grass, rocks and peat, as well as little streams. It is approximately 2.4km to the first main waterfall, or 40 minutes without stopping. Transport yourself to another time and place as you make your way to the waterfall and fairy pools, soaking in the smells, sights and the sounds as you explore the region at your own pace.

Visitors come from across the globe to visit the fairy pools, and many people brave the cold for a dip in the crystal clear waters (though a wetsuit is definitely recommended as the waters are freezing!) The first waterfall is the highest fall and offers a great jump if you’re feeling brave enough.

Even if you aren’t brave enough for a swim, you won’t be disappointed. These fairy pools offer some of the most incredible natural beauty, and superb opportunities for taking photos.

Take your time as you explore the pools – and don’t forget to keep an eye out for some of Scotland’s most magical creatures, including fairies, trolls and unicorns!

The mysterious fairy pools in the Isle of Skye are peaceful yet invigorating. Being in nature is soothing, healing and restorative, and has been proven to lift your mood. So if you have time, we highly recommend a visit to Glen Brittle’s fairy pools for something a little different!