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Argyll is a stunning region of western Scotland that is home to crumbling castles, pristine beaches, and an immense amount of history. Within this ancient and secluded region is the home of Knockdow House, a beautiful 18th century Georgian property that is steeped in history.

For approximately 600 years, Knockdow House belonged to Clan Lamont, one of the oldest clans in Scotland. This clan descended from Godfrey Lamont, the 1st Laird of Knockdow and the grandson of Lamont clan Chief Jon III. The final Laird of Knockdow was Sir Norman Lamont, who died in 1949 and did not leave an heir.

Exploring the Grounds of Knockdow House and Beyond

There is plenty to see and do in around the grounds of Knockdow House and the property has plenty of Georgian features, including harled walls, grand entrances, arches, columns and stained glass windows.

While Knockdow House itself is a fascinating historical attraction, going further afield there is so much to do, not just in the town of Dunoon but also in the county of Argyll.

Exploring Argyll

Argyll and the Isles are popular tourist destinations featuring unforgettable scenery and awe-inspiring landscapes. From tranquil beaches and rugged vistas to first-class water sports and walking trails, this is a place guaranteed to take your breath away.

On a clear day, there are a number of spots throughout this part of Scotland where you can see Ireland. There is so much to see and do here and even Paul McCartney’s band released a song, “Mull of Kintyre,” about the region of Argyll, which made Argyll famous in pop culture.

If you’re after true adventure, try your hand at Kayaking along the Argyll Sea Kayak Trail, which is considered a wonderful location for kayaking.

If you’re seeking something a little more relaxing, try the area’s ‘secret coast’ on the Cowal Way walking trail, which is a marked footpath known as one of Scotland’s great trails.

Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, this is a worthwhile trail that takes you through the Cowal peninsula. Throughout the walk you will be treated to some of the most dramatic scenery, including rolling hills and mountains as far as the eye can see. Here you can also spot an abundance of wildlife, as well as breath-taking forests and woods.

Finally, the locals are well-known for their friendly, warm welcome. After a long day of exploring, feel free to stop off at a local café or restaurant for an indulgent seafood meal.