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Knockdow House is a beautiful estate situated in the town of Dunoon, the main town on the Cowal peninsula on the west shore of the Firth of Clyde, Scotland, Argyll. The region is renowned for its incredible beauty, including outstanding views of Dunoon’s Victoria Pier, as well as stunning landscapes which have barely changed with the passage of time.

A Brief History of Knockdow House

Knockdow house is an historical property dating back to 1760, and was originally owned by a family member (also known as a sept) of the Lamont Clan, one of Scotland’s oldest clans. The Lamont clan owned the property for around 600 years, and were descended from Godfrey Lamont, who is thought to be the grandson of Lamont clan Chief Jon III.

The Natural Beauty of Knockdow

If beautiful scenery and views is what you’re after, then Knockdow House is the ultimate setting.The house is surrounded by a number of acres of striking lawns, parkland and wooded forests.There are also beds of herbaceous shrubs, as well as a variety of ornamental deciduous and coniferous trees, making for the most spectacular setting for a walk, no matter the time of year.

Despite Knockdow House being situated in the Highlands, the region is privileged to enjoy a Gulf Stream climate, where a flow of warm seawater passing the west coast of Scotland. This means warmer weather and rare bouts of snow or frost, and as a result, the grounds of Knockdow are home to a number of specialist trees including eucalyptus, bamboo and palm.

For those looking to escape the daily grind of a hectic life, this is the place to be. The property overlooks two lakes as well as a former mill pond, and is the perfect location for a stunning retreat.

Nature at Knockdow

Nature abounds wherever you look, from common birds including blackbirds, chaffinches, starlings, sparrow and robins, to more rare sightings including beautiful highland birds that are native to this region of Scotland.

The surrounding woodland also means there are many opportunities to spot roe deer, which is ideal for any avid animal lover – or stalker. Occasional red stags and hinds have also been spotted in the region, especially in the early hours of the morning or as dusk settles.

For any keen fisher there is also the prospect of a catch, as the lakes and mill pond provide plenty of opportunities to fish trout and carp. Towards the northern end of the estate, as you ascend the hill, there is also a duck flight pond.

Whether you are a nature lover or prefer hunting and fishing, the grounds of Knockdow House have it all.

Without question, beauty is all around at this stunning estate.